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It's All About The Company You Keep...

The Vancouver Island Economic Alliance’s collaborative approach to economic development offers many advantages to communities and businesses throughout the region.
Enjoy opportunities to network with public and private sector partners and project funders. Access in-depth research and analysis on regional issues and opportunities. Participate in marketing of the region and of Alliance partners & members. 

Latest News

George Hanson Talks VIEA and Forestry...

VIEA's President, George Hanson proudly discusses Vancouver Island many uniquenesses and economic opportunities (particularly in forestry) in this recent interview with Nanaimo Business News. "...those who have predictable access to fiber have very little incentive for capital investment. Those who are in the business of manufacturing who...

Introducing the VIEA Link Project’s “Economic Library” 

Are you looking for statistical data or contact information for Vancouver Island's regions or economic sectors? Our searchable library of documents is a great place to start.